We will cover a few tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your gigs start ranking much higher and landing on the first page of the Fiverr search results within your service niche. And this can be done all within a matter of days. So nine times out of 10, the customers will settle and choose from the listed products or services on that first page.

Your game must be landed on that first page. Otherwise, you might not stand much chance of getting many orders. So if you are trying to step up your game on Fiverr and start to make some high income from your gigs, we would highly advise taking note of all the tips we are about to tell you and applying them to your gigs. Let's get into it.

How to use Keywords?

It's not just about the apparent keywords associated with your Gig and your niche. Because we guarantee you there are so many more keywords out there that can help service and reach more of the type of buyers looking for your service. When a buyer comes on to Fiverr and searches for their desired service. Fiverr uses a keyword algorithm to find the closest match of those keywords by scanning all the gigs within that niche. And then a first-page list to the buyer based on the number of hits from those keywords.

If you can include as many keywords as possible in your title, description, and tags, there's a much higher chance that you're ranked somewhere on that first page for the buyer to choose from.

When you search for something on Fiverr, you can see suggested keywords related to your search. So you can go ahead and take some of those implied keywords and apply them to our gigs. This way, later on, the Fiverr search engine, we find more hits on our gigs and should hopefully boost our Gig in the rankings. The other thing that we can do to see which word Fiverr picks on most based on the Gig shown to us on this first page is to use the browser search tool and scan different words that are listed on the first page and see which one comes back with the most amount of hits.

So if you can search a few services on Fiverr, you can then find the most popular keyword and make sure that you apply it to your Gig title and our descriptions. Once you have noted and found as many keywords as possible, what we want to do is go ahead and sprinkle them across your Gig. And what we mean by this is included in your title, description, and tags for your title. We would advise that you have at least three essential keywords within it. But make sure that your title makes sense for a buyer to read and understand what you offer.


For your description, you can try to fit in as many keywords as possible without crowding it and making it hard for the buyer to read and understand your services. You can only pick out five different keywords to use as your tags. So you need to pick out the top five keywords that you know have the most relevance to your Gig and are very likely to get searched. So you do need to find the balance there.

Improve gig thumbnail

We will discuss the thumbnail, the first image shown on your Gig. Now changing your thumbnail won't directly boost your Gig in the rankings. But what you can do is engage more buyers and encourage a better click-through rate. It will tell the Fiverr algorithm that more people are interested in your Gig. And this way, it will boost your Gig in the rankings and place your Gig on that first page. The best research you could do for this is to see what other successful gigs in your service niche and area are displaying and what style they're using. You can use their gig thumbnails as an inspiration to know how you want to make yours look.

You can even go ahead and one-up them and make sure you are the one to stand out. You can look at the top 12 Gigs shown in your service niche. And then, go ahead and take notes of the things you like. Also, check what you don't like about them and see them from the buyer's perspective.

Once you have a list of the key features you want to include in your thumbnail gig image, you can even work and create it yourself if you are confident in your graphic design ability. But happen to offer a service on Fiverr, where you don't have any graphic design ability. It might be worthwhile reaching out to another Fiverr seller and having them do it for you and make it look as professional as possible. If you still would instead take it upon yourself, you can use free online editing software like "Canva."


Take a look at your seller profile.

In the seller profile, you need to consider your profile picture, description, experience, and information, and all have a big part to play when the customer views your Gig. You'll be surprised that our profile picture can boost and help our click-through rate. Your profile picture is displayed on your gig title, which the buyers instantly see on Fiverr when scrolling down the page. So their first impressions of your Gig and you as a seller needs to express professionalism and trust. If your profile does not display these things, there's a very high chance that the buyer will scroll right past your Gig.

If you search on Fiverr, you can see that most of the sellers on the first page have professional-looking headshots, and some have very clean business logos. This can help out massively. If a buyer comes along and scrolls down the page and comes across your Gig, they first look at your gig thumbnail, second at your seller ranking (Seller Level), and your star ratings. Next up, they will look at your profile picture. And this is where it really can seal the deal. Because buyers only scan these gig titles for seconds, you must ensure that everything associates your gigs with your firm. Your profile picture and title stand out and immediately appeal to the buyers. But now that we've covered your profile picture.

Profile Description

This is important because your profile description or the About Me section is displayed on your gigs. And there's a very high chance that the buyers will read this to ensure that you have the experience and professionalism they're looking for. So, ensuring you have as much information about yourself and your skills as possible in this section may help your conversions. The higher conversion rate is excellent for a great ranking. Good Gig, and it starts ranking much higher, hopefully landing you on that first page.

Response time

Fiverr gives sellers a rating of 100% based on their response time, completion rate, and delivery time. But as a seller on Fiverr for over a year now, we can honestly say that response time may be as important as anything else. By experience, we believe that Fiverr uses these metrics and decides which sellers will land on that first page or rank higher based on how responsive and professional they are. If you can check, you can see that Fiverr prefers sellers with a high response time. And so, there are a few different ways you guys can boost your response time. And the first one will be downloading the Fiverr app to your phone. This way, you guys can receive notifications as soon as you receive messages from the buyers. And, when you're out and about, you can reply to it and respond a lot quicker. The other is to write up a quick response message. You can copy and paste it into the chat with your buyer if you don't have time to respond directly. And during this, the firewall acknowledges your quick response time, increasing your response rates.

Gig pricing

Okay, so now we're going to be talking about gig pricing. When a buyer comes along to Fiverr, they typically have a budget in mind for how much they're looking to spend on their desired service. And if you have a reasonably high-priced label compared to everyone else in your service niche, there's a perfect chance that the buyer will scroll right past your Gig. That is impacting your Gig and why you're not landing on the first page because your pricing may be affecting your click-through rate. The trick to understanding these prices and how much you should charge within this service niche is finding the average and lowest prices. And the reason for telling you that we need to see these two different rates is that your gig prices vary a lot in the early stages of your Gig. So, looking around here on the first page, you can see that the average price seems to be about 15 dollars. And the cheapest rate appears to be 5 dollars.

If you are a new seller with less than ten reviews, you can change your rates with the cheapest rate we saw on Fiverr for 5 dollars. This way, your Gig would appeal to many more buyers who don't want to take a chance on a new seller. They will more likely be happy with the service for their price, which will almost guarantee you another five-star review, which is what we want and need for our Gig to start ranking higher.

If you have over 10 to 20 reviews, we recommend you list your Gig for the average price of 15- 45 dollars. This way, the buyers will see all of your reviews and the slightly higher price and then see your Gig as a better quality option and better value for money.

Be active and stay online

There isn't any evidence to show that this will boost your Gig for this one. You always receive more messages and orders from buyers when you are online. And the reason I think this increases more clicks and engagement through the gigs. Because the buyers can see that you are online, they know that you will more than likely respond quickly or can get onto their orders a lot quicker. And so when the buyer is scrolling down the page and looking for exemplary service, and you happen to be online, it seems a lot more appealing. Another thing about this point is that Fiverr may boost your Gig and place it higher in the rankings if they know you're online. And again, there isn't any evidence of this.


So, that's it for today, and we hope to see you with a new TurnTip soon.