At the point when we talk about affiliate marketing, for the most part, we pick a product and promote it and when somebody buys the product, we make a commission. That is the basic thing. You want to drive genuine traffic to your affiliate links to make deals to get a commission. It implies you need to promote these affiliate products or services. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where we tell you, you can make deals without promoting and without trusting that somebody will get, you can in any case make a commission. Keep reading to know how to do it.

This idea is simply based on two steps. Step number one is to select a special affiliate program that is based on a two-tier model. Let's see, as an example, we have a service called

If you go down here to the affiliate program and see the “Become an affiliate” option. All the services we will show you today are valid services with millions of views per month. so you can be comfortable with joining them. And they are awesome also for beginners. Because they don't need approval.

We are now on the affiliate program page, if you go down here, you will see that you will earn a 40% Commission recurring commission for every sale you get or for every customer you get. If we go down here, earn a 5% second-tier commission whenever you refer an affiliate marketer who will promote. A two-tier affiliate program is a program that allows you to promote the service to affiliate marketers. And you will get paid when the affiliate marketers promote the service. So you can promote only for affiliate marketers. And they will do the job, they will promote and you can make money. That’s it.

Another Two-tier affiliate program is If you can bring an affiliate partner to MotoCMS, you can get 5% of his earnings. We think this is a most profitable affiliate program since there are very sellable services in this affiliate program. It means your affiliate partner can make sales easily. In that way, you’ll get 5% of every confirmed sale he makes. 

The next 2nd Tier affiliate program we found is the “Intechra Health share a sale” affiliate program. You can earn 5% for second-tier affiliate sales.

The next 2nd Tier affiliate program we found is the “Dog Training Deport affiliate program”. Its’ Tier 2 Commission is 10%. That’s big when compared with other programs.

Another program is Pure VPN, It is one of the top VPN services worldwide. And if you go down on that webpage, you will see the affiliate program where we can double your affiliate earnings or simply let affiliate marketers promote the product for you.

The next program is They have this second-tier commission you can make $5 for each user, the affiliate marketers you referred or promoting. So you are not promoting anything here you promote the affiliate program. And you will see how the second step is how we can do the best way to promote an affiliate program to affiliate marketers. 

The next 2nd Tier affiliate program we found is the “Garden Tower Project affiliate program”. There is a flat fee of $20 as 2nd Tier Commission.

The next 2nd Tier affiliate program we found is the “National Debt Relief affiliate program”. You can earn a 12% commission for affiliate sales as a second-tier affiliate commission.

Also, you can go to, you can sign up for an affiliate account, and navigate to the dashboard. Then click on merchants- Search for merchants and click on Modify search. 

Now check the Two-tier filter and search. The program we'll give you all the programs that have a two-tier program inside that. You can pick any product you want in the niche or work in whatever you want, join the program, and then you can stop promoting the affiliate program itself.

Now let’s talk about the next part. You can pick the product from the things we talk about above and get an affiliate link. Once we have the affiliate link, we need to make affiliate marketers join using our affiliate link how, what is the best way to promote this model simply using three strategies.

Number one is using the affiliate programs table, This affiliate programs table means we develop a tool where people can see different affiliate programs in a table to join. So you can help them to find affiliate programs. As an example, you can show you the service, the earnings, the website category, Cookie duration, and so on. Also, you need to place your second-tier affiliate link somewhere on this table.

If someone clicks on those links and joins using your link and starts promoting you will start earning a commission based on his promotion. That's it he just needs to sign up and start promoting and you will make a commission with a second-tier model. So the first method we recommend it's one of the best methods is to use these affiliate marketing tables to promote to affiliate marketers.

The next method is to create affiliate programs reviews on your blog. As an example, Now Canva is a second-tier program. You can share and explain the affiliate program. So any affiliate marketer, joining through these links and starting promoting, will earn a second-tier Commission.

The next method is to use forums. You can build a marketing forum or use a forum that already exists. Affiliate marketing forums talk about affiliate marketing programs, and reviews. In that forum and share your affiliate links. We have other affiliate marketing forums like affiliate lift and

So you can find affiliate marketing forums or create your blog or website using 100% methods like blogger.

That’s it for today, see you with another important topic.