We are going to give you some tips to learn a few basic skills. Let's start.

How to remove a background from any image

We show you two methods in Photoshop.

  • Open the image
  • Go to the Select tool the Magic wand tool

  • Click on the select subject

And you can see the subject got selected. Then click on the mask button on
the bottom right part. 

That’s it. You got removed the background of the image.

Also here is another method to remove the background in photoshop. 

  • Draw a selection around the subject using the pen tool
  • After you finish, click the right button on the mouse and then click on the create selection.
  • You can set the feather value to get a better selection too.
  • Once you got selected, click the mask button as the first method we did.

That’s it. You did it.

Using Canva Pro


If you’re not familiar with Canva, it’s a user-friendly graphic design tool that’s perfect for creating professional designs for your blog, social media, or even print projects. It has a wide variety of templates and tools to choose from. Plus, it’s free to use! Also has a Pro version too.

You can get a free trial if you want to test from here. Now back in the work. But please note that you need to have the Pro version to remove the background in Canva.

  • Upload your image
  • Click on Edit Image
  • Click on the background remover button. That’s it.

Generate a free SEO report for any website

There is a free SEO analysis service offered by H-educate. You generate a full SEO analysis that you cannot find anywhere on the internet for free. Also, you can download the result as a PDF file and you can submit your work to the client very easily with this website. Let’s do it.

  • Open your browser and go to seoanalyzer.me
  • Enter your website in the search bar
  • Just click on the analyze button and wait till it generates the report

In the SEO analyzer, you can see a full report that has 9 categories. Once the software finishes the process, you can download the PDF report for free. 

Create a presentation with Canva

It’s super easy to create professional presentations with pre-created presentation templates.

  • Visit canva.com
  • Click on the presentation button
  • Just find the template you like
  • Once you select it, you can edit it.


Once you finish the process, you can download the file in any format you wish.

Create an Instagram animated story

  • Go to canva.com
  • Navigate to the Instagram story
  • Select one of the templates you like
  • If you want to animate simply click on the Animate button and start animating
  • You can see it will automatically get animated

That’s it and you are ready to publish your Instagram story

Finally, you can download your project as mp4 and publish it on Instagram. The best thing is this is a free part of Canva. 

Create a website performance report

You can create a website performance report for free in GTMetrix.

  • Visit GTMerix.com
  • Enter your web address in the search bar
  • Click on the “Test your site” button and wait till it generates the report.

In GTMetrix, you can analyze your website speed and what you need to do to enhance the loading speed of the website. You can download a detailed report as a PDF file once you sign up for a free account.

That’s it for today. See you with another TurnTip