Skillshare is an online learning platform where people can watch videos to learn new skills. Unlike YouTube, which focuses on short, independent videos, Skillshare offers longer, more in-depth videos on a topic. Most of these courses are more interactive and have the primary goal of completing projects. The New York company is still relatively small compared to the other more established educational platforms. But it does offer something unique. 

Skillshare offers a Netflix-style subscription model, which means that you gain access to a massive library of premium courses without the need of buying them individually. There are over 2000 plus free courses to help you get your feet wet before you pay. This is Scott Leffler from the internet made simple, and in today's article, we'll be sharing with you the top 10 most popular courses on

Fundamentals of DSLR photography from taking classy pictures for Instagram to professional-grade images.

This course made by Justin bridges is the perfect introduction to photography bridges is a fashion and portrait photographer based in New York, and he began his photography career as a college student. This course contains easy-to-follow lessons that are designed to teach students the basics of DSLR photography Learning. There are still a lot of big camera lovers out there, and the popularity of this course on Skillshare earns it the number six position on this list. 

Hand lettering essentials for beginners.

Lettering Essentials by Mary Kate McDevitt. McDevitt is a lettering artist specialist. This course takes students on the journey they need to draw and turn handwriting into artful drawings. Pretty much everybody oohs and ahhs when they see a beautiful piece of writing or a pretty drawing. In this two-hour class, students learned skills like sketching for lettering styles for lettering and inking and finalizing the arts. These skills are useful to art students and can be used to make unique posters, magazines, and T-shirt designs.

Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for beginners. 

This course is taken by Jordy Vandeput, a Belgian filmmaker and video editing YouTuber with over a million subscribers. The course is aimed toward newbies in the filmmaking and video editing world, helping them to make quick strides in the industry. The course offers a solid basis of Adobe Premiere Pro, which teaches students a vast array of necessary filmmaking skills. This includes starting a Premiere Pro project, performing basic video edits, arranging video clips, working in multiple layers, creating custom animations, mixing audio, etc.

Considering the growing popularity of video-based social media platforms like YouTube and Tiktok, it's no surprise that this course is one of the most popular on Skillshare. 

Typography that works with typographic composition and fonts.

The right typography can make the content or piece of writing a delight. Bad typography, on the other hand, can make it awful. In essence, typography can either make or break your design. Imagine laboring and toiling for hours or maybe even days on a project, only to disappoint your client because you use the wrong typography. sounds horrible right? This free workshop by Ellen Lupton is designed to help beginners learn how to recognize exploit the right typeface and create intriguing designs and compositions. At the end of the course, students will have gained the skills they need to add meaningful complexity to their design work. There's a growing need for good graphic designers these days and courses like this helps beginners with their craft.

Logo design with Draplin Secrets of shape, type, and color.

This logo design course by Aaron Draplin, who has a design degree from the prestigious College of Art and Design. Draplin is a Benna designer for more than 20 years, he's worked with several big brands like Nike, striking viewers with his nostalgic and iconic style. Students of this course get the chance to see a master designer work his magic as he shares his logo design process for his family crest. You'll learn techniques for creating compelling logos that truly stand out from the rest. 

Productivity masterclass, create a custom system that works.

Everybody struggles with productivity at one time or another, some more often than others. Many of us would rather just procrastinate and get the job done immediately. After all, we're only human, aren't we? Unfortunately, this means that productivity isn't at its peak. author, entrepreneur, and YouTuber with 2 million-plus subscribers. Thomas Frank designed this course to help students boost their productivity.

The course addresses how to manage tasks efficiently, how to organize digital and physical files, and tips to help you stay organized in the long term. The great thing about this course is that it's perfect for anybody. This includes students, office workers, and everyone in between. 

iPhone photography, how to take pro photos on your iPhone.

iPhones are one of the best-selling phones all over the world today and for good reason. They're classy and efficient, and the camera is nothing short of awesome. iPhone cameras are unsurprisingly, constantly ranked among the best phone cameras in the world. There's more to iPhone cameras than just taking cute selfies. This course by Dale McManus teaches you how to explore your iPhone camera and take professional-level photos. McManus is an award-winning YouTuber with a bachelor's degree in film science and nine years of experience in photography and filmmaking. His course is designed for beginners that have little to no experience and want to become skilled photographers. It's also useful for anyone who wants to learn to take better pictures to spice up their social media accounts. Students learn how to optimize iPhone camera settings to take the best photos how to utilize lighting to ensure perfect pictures and how to professionally edit photos. 

Character illustration drawing faces, figures, and clothing.

A lot of people wish they could draw. Millions of people wish that they could illustrate characters that are full of life and personality. But unfortunately, not many people do. This course presented by Master illustrator Gabriel piccolo teaches students how to correctly draw characters that are full of life and movement. In a 60-minute class, students will learn how to up their game by drawing disproportionate stick figures that draw characters and fluid poses and with realistic facial expressions. Gabriel Piccolo is a young but well-known artist with over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. He teaches students skills, including how to create a character that exudes personality, drawing the four basic expressions, and many more. 

Graphic Design Basics core principles for visual design. 

In second place we have a free graphic design course from Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole. This beginner-friendly course will walk students through the five basic principles of graphic design. It covers important areas like framing, scale, hierarchy, cropping, and symmetry. This knowledge can be applied to your publication, magazines, PowerPoint, websites, or any content that uses text and images. Elliman and Jennifer are co-directors of the graphic design MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. So, they know their way around the graphic design world. Students of this class gain a solid understanding of the visual language that births all great design work.

Digital illustration learns to use procreate

The most popular course on Skillshare is a free course called digital illustration to learn to use procreate by Jaron Vogel. Jaron is a freelance illustrator who sometimes dips into motion design and development. Talk about Jack of all trades. He worked with several high-profile clients like Apple or for Collins, UK, harmonics music and procreate. This beginner-friendly course incorporates fun and learning and teaches students the tenets of illustration, students will learn how to use procreate on their iPads to create amazing digital artworks.

They'll pick up skills like how to select the right tools and brushes, and how to add color, texture, and effects to their illustrations. This course holds the number one spot on Skillshare and it isn't difficult to see why fun and learning in one package. There you have it. 

These are the top courses on Skillshare as we found. Which ones do you find most interesting? 

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