We are going to tell you about some of the best Shopify themes that are completely free to use. There are a bunch of free themes, you can edit these to make them unique. But the best part about them is they are completely free to use. So you can set up your Shopify store by just downloading one of these themes. Let’s dive into the details.

The First theme is “Boundless”.

This is completely free to use. And this theme focuses on images. So everything is focused on great images if it's product images or anything else that's going to draw people into this thing. With boundless, every single page has a menu in the top left that you can click, and then you can go to the different parts of the store. If you have different categories or anything like that, pretty much all of those links are going to be in that menu. Other than that, it's a really bold store, because it's just big, it's got pictures everywhere of your product. And that is the thing you need to showcase. Two styles come with this. So you can choose between them. So maybe you've got two or three images that you want to put there. It's gonna cycle through them automatically, if you've got a few products that you want to showcase, absolutely perfect to put them up there. And people can see those and then be drawn into the rest of the site.

It's really clean, simple, and doesn't get in the way until you click on it and then you can just go exactly where you need to. I think this is a good-looking theme. It stands out from the products. And you're just showcasing the thing that you want people to do which is buying your products. You also have the add-to-cart right there in the product pages and that header bar is always there on mobile. So whenever you need to navigate away from that page, people just know how to navigate this on mobile, click that menu and it will take you wherever you want. We would say this one is like a half and half store. Not if you're a huge store you might want to use it but if you're like a middle-sized store with a middling amount of products might be perfect.

The Next theme is “Debut”.

The debut is a super flexible theme. And you can use this even if you don't have a lot of products. But if you do have a lot of products, it can work for you, too. They call this debut because this is one of the main themes that you're going to get when starting with Shopify. Because of that, it's really easy to customize this theme. And it can start small and grow with you. So even if you don't have a ton of products right now, it will still look really good. And then as you fill out your site, if you do want more products, it's also going to have no issues whatsoever in adding those in. it's really easy to rearrange everything when using debut. If you just want to start a store using your smartphone and you don't have a computer, or you just don't want to do that you want to start a store quickly, you can use debut on your smartphone, and set up your store.

The debut is customizable, and you can edit it right on your smartphone. If you are on a computer, you can look between these two different styles. One is called Default, and one is called light. And you can just see how different styles can change the look and feel of a website. And it's not too salable. It looks nice and pleasant and welcoming as a site. And of course, you do have the store there as well to put your products in this store honestly looks completely different to an actual store like this is not Amazon. And so this type of theme goes well with most businesses that want to use Shopify to sell items. Not only can you start your store and here, list your products on here, and it's simple for the user, it just has that big item up there shop and then you can go shopping, but you have that homepage as well, where you can just promote your story and your brand.

The next theme is called “Simple”.

This is also completely free. And it does what it says on the name. This is a very simple website, there's no fast, it just has your products on there ready to go. Three styles are included in this theme. So you can choose between them. And as said, you can edit little bits here and there as well to make it unique for you. And you can get this through Shopify apps. So if your theme doesn't have recommendations built-in, then you can go and download an app and put those on your site. Some are free, some are paid. But with this theme, it's free. And you get the product recommendations right there built in the downsides on this one, maybe that it's like too simple for a lot of stores. Maybe you have a product or some sort of unique selling point that you want to communicate to an audience and you want to build a rapport and a brand with your audience. Maybe this one isn't for you.

If you are that type of store, though, maybe you're a drop shipper, or maybe all of your brand management is done on social media and other things like that. And you just need a simple store that can be managed maybe by someone else or very simply managed. Just literally upload product pictures. customers know exactly what they're getting. It also has those links to social media right there. Next to the actual products, so people can share these easily might create some engagement for you.

The product reviews being built-in, it's just one less thing you have to worry about. You don't have to download apps or get some paid apps to do that for you. Completely different from simple.

The next theme is called “Narrative”.

And the name again gives it away, if you are a brand that needs to tell a story, and a lot of your brand image and maybe you only have a couple of products, maybe you're just an inventor or someone who just makes custom items, and you only have a few things that you make, you need to tell the story of those products. This is a theme for you. It makes a pleasant look the way, these massive images are on the site. They're called hero images. They're just huge. And they just draw people right into looking at more of your site, looking at your story and your company. And this might be something that specific businesses might want. We would say this theme is best if you only have a few products, and you concentrate on a few high ticket items, because there isn't a store option with this, the way that you go through a product page is by clicking those links to find out more. So it's not a store like Amazon with tons of products and categories.

In general, it's more about telling the story of those products. So this might be good for specific businesses, you get four styles in this one as well. So this is pretty much the most amount of styles that you can get with any free theme on Shopify.

The link animations are very attractive. So when you hover over a product, you get this kind of animation with the text, I think it's just a nice touch, it makes it look professional. Even though it's completely free. You can also put videos on this one, which is great. So if you're a business that needs to tell your brand story, you can link up to YouTube videos. However, It's a little bit different for mobile. But you can 10-20 products.

The next one is the “Supply” theme.

This is a theme for stores with a lot of inventory. So if you've got a lot of products, maybe you do drop-shipping with “Oberlo” or you're just a big store and you have a lot of different products then this is perfect to showcase everything that you have. We know a lot of people on Shopify, maybe with oberlo, they'll go into accessories, phone cases, or apparel. If there are hundreds of different products that you can sell, if so this theme may be for you. You can tell straight away from the theme that this is more of a store and a shop, or a bigger company, because instead of getting huge hero images, and videos that may be exploring your brand a bit more. We think it's just better in the modern era to have this. You can also see-through, that underneath those images and the main products, you have a large selection of items and also associated products. So if you haven't got a lot of items, maybe this isn't for you, because it's kind of going to look blank there. But if you're a big store, you've got a lot of items like you can see, then, it's for you.

It looks beautiful on the mobile site mode too. When you switch to mobile, you still get those breadcrumb links. So people know exactly where they are. And they can just click on those easily to go back to a different page. It's also amazing how different the theme looks, when you switch from blue to light, they're the two styles you get with it. It's a completely different site. So just shows you, you don't have to make it look exactly like this theme, you can change it. And it's going to be unique to your site. We can recommend this theme for electronic stores, jewelry stores, accessories stores, anything like that you have a lot of small-ticket items.

Then we move on to the “Venture” theme.

This is another one for stores with more products or a big list of products. Also, this theme is perfect, if you're a drop shipper. You can just put a lot of different items on here. And it's still going to look good. You also get three different styles on here. When you change the styles, It's a completely different site, even though the layout is the same. The colors, the themes, the images that are used, it's unique three times.

It tells people exactly what your site is about straightaway. It's modern and professional. But you can also have store categories at the top. So, this is like a brand sort of site where you can tell people about it. This looks really good on the mobile theme when you switch it to that. The venture is good for a store with great images and cool animations when you hover over things. We guess you can get some Shopify apps for that if you wanted.

All of these themes are fantastic, to be honest, they're completely free. So, check them out and we’ll be back here with a new TurnTip soon…