Get Started in fiverr with TurnTips

Fiverr is a biggest freelancing marketplace right now. As we believe the best way for earn online is advertising your services in 

So, you can sell your skills as a freelancer on this huge freelancing website. So today, we are going to teach you how to get started setting up an account creating your profile and creating your first gig as well as how to do some keyword research and investigating your competitors to see what kind of gigs you can offer. And you can sell to make money online. So, let's get started with Fiverr. 

Let’s talk a little bit about Fiverr. Basically, you create and offer gigs, selling your services, you can offer hundreds of different types of services in the following categories, writing and editing, transcription, translation, digital marketing, graphic web design, these are just a few of dozens and dozens, hundreds of different types of categories and services, whether you're a singer and you want to teach someone how to sing, the list goes on and on. 

Getting paid Fiverr is international, you can create an account and sell your services from anywhere in the world. You can get paid you get paid via PayPal or with the Fiverr revenue card (Payoneer Debit card)) and this is supported through Payoneer and powered by MasterCard. If you are from a country where you cannot use PayPal, then I'm sure you can use Payoneer. 

You have those two options. Also, there's bank transfer or direct deposit if you are a US citizen.

Let’s signup for Step one is signing up with an email address and following the steps to complete your profile and verify your account. And we're going to sign up together. The first thing you're going to do is go to And then we're going to click on become a seller. If you scroll down, you can see it says join our growing freelance community, you can choose I'm a designer, I'm a developer, I'm a writer. I'm a video editor. I'm a musician, voiceover artist. But you can change your mind later, this doesn't really matter. 

Click here on become a seller. Now what you're going to do is join Fiverr and you're going to put in your email address, you can either join with Facebook, Google, Apple, or just enter whatever email you want to enter. Then we're going to click continue. Now it's going to ask you to choose a username and choose your password and then click Join. Here they're going to make you go through a CAPTCHA test. 

Now it'll say that you need to activate your account. So go to the email that you registered with and activate your account. After that you have activated your account, by clicking on the activation link in your email, you have to go

Once again, we have to visit and click on become a seller. It has brought us to ready to start selling on Fiverr. Here you can see a tutorial as a video show you how to get started in 

Learn what makes a successful profile create your seller profile, publish your gig. So, you can watch this little video and learn something about Fiverr. Now we need to continue. If you need to get succeed, you need to create a successful Fiverr profile. Take your time and creating your profile. So, it's exactly as you want it to be. You need to describe accurately your professional skills to help you get more work. Use a profile picture that clearly shows your face. To keep our community secure for everyone, fiverr may ask you to verify your ID so we can click continue.

Now, let's talk about most important things you need to know when you sell on Don't provide any misleading or inaccurate information about your identity. Don't open duplicate accounts. Remember, you can always create more gigs so you should only have one account with Fiverr. Don't solicit other community members for work on Fiverr and Don't request to take communication and payment outside of Fiverr. 

Now we'll click continue. So here you're going to fill out your personal information. You need to fill all the details fiverr asked here. And be careful to fill correct details here because you may need to verify your identity in the future. You can complete all the 4 steps by filling the details fiverr require to sell in their platform and that is very simple process.

When you write the description of your profile, try to do write a professional description that can attract people. You can write about your skills here but in a short form. 

You need to fill these details up to 65% to start selling in fiverr. In this case we suggest you to fill all the details you can.

Once you've done that, we can go ahead and click Finish. It says all done. Now that your profile is complete. Now you can create your first gig. And you can always go back and edit your profile if you want. If you want to change your skill set or change what your occupation you can do it.  


There is a free course called “online freelancing essentials become a successful Fiverr seller”.  This is a free course that you can go ahead and open up.

Once you complete your profile, it will bring you to this page where you can see you are going to create your first gig.

You can see there are six different steps. We have the overview, pricing description and FAQ requirements, gallery of your work or your portfolio, and then you can publish your gig.

Before we jump into this, we want to do some research unless you know already exactly what type of gig you're going to create. Then, you know your price structure and you know everything else. But most people are stating without any research or without having any idea about what to do or how fiverr works. So, what we're going to do is take a step back for a second and we're going to do research.

 This is the way we can get a better idea about our gig. So, I've opened the browser and drive to fiverr, and let's just start browsing. 

let's click in here and just choose a category. So, let's say graphic design, we can look here and see all sorts of different gigs that are being offered. At the top here, if you really want to get specific you can look, we've got graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio programming and tech, business, lifestyle, and industries. There are dozens and dozens of different categories.

To be continued…